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3 min readMar 7, 2021
Source: Reef Finance

The article tries to explain the Reef Finance project in a brief and easy way. The article is not investment advice and will disappoint everyone looking for technical details. The aim is to give a quick overview of the project.

In essence the Reef Finance project tries to be the “one stop shop” for the DeFi investor resolving the cumbersome current access to the fragmented DeFi space. Reef Finance aims to offer access to liquidity from centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX), offering smart loans, borrowing, stacking through an AI-driven reef engine.

Why is Reef Finance Interesting?

What makes it interesting is the DeFi all-in-one approach. It combines a variety of DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, Compound, Aave, and Synthetix. So that users can benefit from many features simultaneously while using a single platform. This is the first cross-chain decentralized finance OS (Operating System) to the prior of our knowledge.

Three core use cases of Reef Finance are;

  • Trading crypto assets using the CEX and DEX liquidity aggregator
  • Lend / borrow via Reef Finance yield engine
  • Optimize asset allocation via AI Asset Management engine

Who is the team behind Reef Finance?



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